Harper Health

Harper Health at The Cornerstone Family

Healthcare is now open!



Harper Health offers care for individuals and families in transition. If you do not have a place to call home and you are concerned about your health, visit Harper Health, a center that provides affordable medical services in a safe, confidential, judgement-free environment.


No appointments are necessary, so come see us today! We are located at 290 Broadway, Suites 2 & 3, Newburgh, NY. For more information, contact (845) 561-3759.




  • Physical examinations for children and adultsUnited-Way-Logo
  • Immunizations
  • Office and laboratory testing
  • Dental evaluations
  • Care for acute health concerns and chronic conditions
  • Behavioral health evaluations and referral for treatment
  • Substance abuse evaluations and referral for treatment
  • Pre-natal assessments and referral for treatment


Harper Health staff also offers assistance with enrolling in other Cornerstone’s services, linking to community supports, completing documentation for services, scheduling and coordinating consultation and follow-up appointments, and providing healthy living education.


Receiving medical care is a right, not a privilege. We are here to serve patients and their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.



(From Left to Right: G. Robert Watts, Lizette Hernandez, Renee Christiano, Kathy Iaconetti, Police Chief Michael Ferrara, Mayor Judy Kennedy, John Harper, Doug Berman, NY State Assemblyman Frank Skartados, Cornerstone President & CEO Linda Muller, City Manager Richard Herbek, Cornerstone Board Member Rev. Nelson McAllister, Cornerstone Board Member Marcel Martino, Orange County Mental Health Commissioner Darcie Miller, and Bill Fioravanti)